Advantages of Cash Converters lay-by retail product

A few months ago, we took some time to go through the advantages of second-hand shopping  at Cash Converters. For more than 30 years internationally, Cash Converters customers have been bargain hunting in our stores, finding great deals on pre-loved items.

Second-hand shopping with us doesn’t mean worn-out or dirty. All our stock is carefully curated and thoroughly cleaned and restored before being placed on the retail floor for sale. We also offer a six-month guarantee on most of our items, so you can shop with peace of mind.

Sometimes, when customers pop into a store, and fall in love with an item – but don’t have the total amount on hand to purchase the item. Our lay-by option is perfect for situations like this!

What is a lay-by?

A lay-by is a payment option where a customer pays off an item over a certain period of time – usually three months in our stores. The store keeps the item safely stored during the payment period, and once the final payment has been made, the customer comes to collect their item.  Simple!

Here’s what you need to know about our lay-by retail product:

1. It’s convenient

Sometimes a customer comes across an item in the store they really like and want to purchase, but the total amount due is not in their budget. With a lay-by, you can secure the item for yourself, and pay it off over a period of time that allows you to fit the cost into your monthly budget over a period of time.

2. It’s affordable

Lay-bys are great for customers who like to budget. Instead of losing out on the item you love, you can pay it off over a period of time. Being able to spread your payment over a few months allows you to spread the costs out too.


When you pay off the item, Cash Converters will not charge you any interest for the item.

4. No hidden fees

Cash Converters will not charge a customer for storing the item while it’s being paid off. The price of the item will also not increase; the price at which you bought the item is the price you pay – nothing more.

Having a lay-by option is another reason to come and shop with us!  Although some of our stores offer lay-bys, please call your nearest Cash Converters to see if they do. Terms and conditions differ from store to store, so be sure to discuss those too. To find the store closest to you, click here

*Updated 21 January 2021

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