Why you should sell us your items online

Holding on to pre-loved items because of their monetary value or for sentimental reasons often leads to clutter in your home. The good news is, it’s easier than you may realise to sort through your items and remove unnecessary clutter. You don’t need to be a Mari Kondo expert to organize your items.

One of the easiest options is to sell your unwanted or unused clutter to your nearest Cash Converters store. You can even get an idea of the value of the goods from the comfort of your home.

It’s convenient

Selling your pre-loved items online doesn’t require pre-planning and loads of energy; you can do it in your home and at a time that is convenient to you. All you need is a camera or phone to take pictures of the items, and good internet to load the images on our website. One of our friendly staff will then be in touch to talk you through the process – so by the time you bring the items to our store to sell them, most of the admin is behind you!

You can sell a lot of items to us

Cash Converters affords our customers a more environmentally friendly alternative to get cash in hand – by buying quality second-hand items. This is a smarter option, as you ‘re purchasing the same utility at a lesser price than new! Remember – second-hand isn’t second-best, and our stores stock a wide range of items from phones to tablets, cameras, gaming consoles, Jewellery, power tools, coffee machines, microwaves and more! We’ll buy and sell almost anything as long as it’s pre-loved and in working condition.

The process is easy

Once you’ve loaded your items on our website, indicating the store which you would like to sell the items to, and sharing some more detail about the item as well as your contact details, one of our friendly store representatives will be in touch with you to finalise the next steps.

You connect to our buyers direct

An advantage of living in a digital world is that you connect with our professional buyers directly. You don’t have to stress about meeting strangers in parking lots – as our buyers are trained to negotiate a favourable price with our customers, reliably and honestly.

Deciding to sell your items at any one of our stores means total freedom to you as our customer – you aren’t bound by a specific place or time. You decide when you want to declutter, you decide when you want to upload the. Remember, all transactions are concluded in a physical store for safety.

To visit our sell to us platform, click here

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