Why choose Cash Converters: Part 4

Cash Converter’s owner operator franchisees are specific types of people; this article unpacks these traits in more detail. The profile of a franchisee is critical, as we understand the financial commitment required to open a franchise. We also realise the significance of the physical and emotional investment needed to build and maintain a successful Cash Converters.

What are the traits we look for in franchisees?

  • A deep desire to be an owner operator. In other words, you want to build and run your very own franchise operation.
  • Agree with, and embody, the Cash Converters values: Professional; Passion; Respect; Integrity; Collaboration.
  • Previous business experience. Have you run your own or someone else’s business?
  • Buckets of energy. Cash Converters stores need energetic people.
  • People skills – at the end of the day, the product is secondary to the people: your customers, your suppliers, your staff.
  • Show initiative and be motivated.

For 28 years we have built a respected brand, and our people are the face of the brand. For this reason, we focus on our people – and are selective in our choice of franchisees.

All of which brings us to this statement – you may not have grown up with dreams of becoming a pawn broker, or even a money lender. However, running a successful business is generally pretty appealing. When three business types are combined strategically under one professional roof, a compelling business case is created. We’d love to meet with you and take you through our business model; please contact Nicole Gundelfinger at [email protected].

Alternatively, if you are interested in attending a webinar hosted by our CEO, Richard Mukheibir, where he unpacks our unique business model, please email Nicole Gundelfinger at [email protected] to enquire about these.

*This article was updated in 2022

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