Why transact with Cash Converters

As part of a global network, Cash Converters Southern Africa was introduced to South Africa in 1994 by our current CEO, Richard Mukheibir, and CFO, Peter Forshaw. The two were among the first to bring international franchising into the country. Our first store, opened by Mukheibir, is still thriving – pop in to the Parow store in the Western Cape if you are in the area to visit it first-hand!

28 years later, we have more than 80 franchised businesses across Southern Africa; all with the mission of helping our customers get access to cash – safely, securely, and conveniently.

Why choose Cash Converters?

1. We buy second-hand (pre-loved) items

The Cash Converters brand is known for buying and selling quality second-hand goods. We believe in giving household items an extended lifespan – when the item no longer fits into a customer’s home, there’s an opportunity for someone else to benefit from the item. Instead of throwing away that extra phone, gaming console or kitchen appliance – or letting them gather dust in cupboards – we buy these items, for instant cash! You’ll be surprised at how much is just sitting in your home collecting dust.

2. We sell second-hand items

What we have been doing as a business model across the world for three decades – extending an item’s shelf life by giving it another home – has even more relevance in 2020. The trend towards “re-commerce” means our brand is perfectly positioned.  Part of being a successful business means compliance to the law. So, when  we buy an item, we hold it for seven days before we put it on the retail floor – ensuring we comply with the Second-Hand Goods Act We also offer a guarantee on most items (six-months in SA and three-month in Namibia) – you can shop in peace of mind!

3. We loan cash

With the advent of the National Credit Act we implemented short-term loans.  We offer a secured money lending product – perfect for if you need cash but don’t want to sell your item. This product allows customers to take a loan against an item. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t require much paperwork. You walk into the store with the item and you walk out with cash. Alternatively, you can take out an unsecured loan, using your salary slip. The loan’s repayment is debited on the next payday – again, another smart option for our customers.

Whether you’re buying, selling or looking for a loan against your items or salary, you could be R100 000 richer if you transact with us this month. To enter the competition, visit a store near you. Click here

*This article was updated in 2022

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