How to get the best price on your Cash Advance loan

The concept of pawnbroking dates back to ancient China, where Buddhist monasteries would loan money to local farmers, at affordable rates, in exchange for their service to the community. Here at Cash Converters, we also offer pawnbroking to our customers – our Cash Advance product is one of the three pillars of our business.

Cash Converters’ Cash Advance is a 30-day loan product, where our customers use their quality second-hand household items of value as security, in exchange for cash in hand. Our process is simple; bring us the item you’d like to pawn, we’ll discuss your loan needs, and agree on a favourable price.  We will keep your item safe until you repay the loan with interest and collect the item back.

If you would like to conduct a Cash Advance loan, here are some tips on how you can get the best price:

Make sure the item is clean

Before you head to your nearest Cash Converters store, make sure your item is clean; the cleaner or newer your item looks, the more money we can offer you. The marketability of any item depends on its presentation.

Be mindful of the packaging of the item

Another handy tip is to bring along any original packaging you may have, with any accessories and paperwork. We’re able to pay out a little more cash if we have certificates and warranties on hand.

Make sure your item is in good working condition

We buy just about any quality household item that is gathering dust in your home – as long as it is in working order.  The better the condition, the more money we’re able to loan.

Be willing to negotiate

Our buyers are specialists in their field, skilled at assessing products for loan amounts.   We love to negotiate with our customers – so don’t be shy to have a conversation with the buyer to wriggle a few more Rands out of the deal. We’re in the business of giving out loans – and we love to have some banter as we do this.

At Cash Converters, we look for reasons to give people cash.  We’re the most convenient location for a one-stop cash solution!

Pop into any one of our stores and chat to our friendly buyers about your loan

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