Reasons to choose a loan against your valuables

Boasting over 35 years of success globally and 28 years in Southern Africa, Cash Converters offers customers the option to buy, sell or loan against their valuables or salary – in other words, we sell cash.

One of our most popular product offerings is a loan against your valuables – better known as a Cash Advance. It’s ideal for people who need immediate cash, but don’t want to wait in line at a bank, fill in piles of paperwork, or sell their pre-loved household items for cash.

We loan against most items, ranging from jewellery, electronics, kitchen appliances, DIY tools and gold. Our experienced staff will ensure that you walk away with cash in hand, while we store your items securely until your return– after all, we are in the business of giving our customers cash!

Our Cash Advance loan product is an easy and efficient option to getting cash on the spot.

How does it work:

  1. Head on over to your nearest Cashies store with your pre-loved items and your identity document
  2. Ask to speak to one of our friendly buyers who will help you with your loan needs
  3. We will assess, test, and evaluate your item to ensure that it’s in working order
  4. We will agree on a favourable amount and give you cash
  5. We will keep your item in a safe and secure place until you redeem it and repay the loan amount

We conclude all our transactions in-store.

*This article was updated in 2022

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