The Cash Converters added value offers

One of the key differentiators for Cash Converters, versus other franchised businesses, is our three complementary business units. Having multiple revenue streams under one roof makes this a truly resilient business model. However, we can simplify these three businesses – simply put, we sell cash.  

In this regard, selling cash that is, we are in the same category as traditional money-lenders. But there is a clear distinction between ourselves and other houses; we can help people get cash in just *seven to 10 minutes.

Cash Converters stores service their local community; and through our multiple mechanisms (selling your items, getting a loan against them or against a salary), we will find the one that works best for you. You’ll always walk out of our stores with cash in hand!

Our Chief Operations Officer, Trevor Locker, explains it best; “the difference between us and the banks is that the process of getting a loan is very impersonal.  Cash Converters serves the community, and is located within the community, so when that community needs help, they’ll come to us and get that help.”

A newer addition to our value-added services to our franchisees is access to a store development manager for any new store that opens for at least a month. This is designed to show our new franchisees the ropes of the business and provide hands on support within the environment.

Further value we pass on to our franchisees is a R1 million credit line, which can be used to build the loans books. As we sell cash, it’s critical our stores never run out of it!

“Most franchisors I’m familiar with will sell you a turnkey operation where you will pay them the money, do your training and when you’re is finished, they’ll give you the keys to the front door and off you go. The franchisor will come around on a schedule to audit you to make sure you’re meeting the brand standards,” Trevor clarifies. However, our turnkey operation is design to support a new prospective franchisee in their decision making, through to opening their business, and building it to profitability. Once a store is profitable, our approach changes again, and our goal is drive sustainable profit for the store year on year.

In a nutshell, we are a consciously compliant business, and we offer people cash, now. Our brand is all about helping people access quick cash, legally, within their local.

If you would like to know more information about joining the Cash Converters franchise, click here 

*Ts and Cs apply.

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